About Us

Well, you found us. Great! We’ve been in
this location since 1926 – and we’re being
rediscovered every day. This neighborhood
was once the Italian community; it was
called “Little Italy,” The fact is, we grew up
in the area – so it is very much home to us.
Welcome to our home … and welcome to a
tradition. We’re proud to say that we’ve
come a long way since 1940 when James and

. Josephine Bamber purchased the business
from another side of the family. The
fantastic duo of “Jimmy and Josie” believed
that the quality of their food and a
commitment to their patrons would make
them successful. They believed that cooking
is forever an art and that customers should
be treated like family. Fortunately, our
recipes have endured through many
generations and our customers still visit us
from near and far. The fifty-eight years of
hard work and great times Jimmy and Josie
shared together resulted in a recipe for
success — we can only dream that we can
continue to serve you as well as they did
together. We take an active part in the
business – from preparation and service to
our farewell invitation to “come back soon.”
Quality, satisfaction, enjoyment. .. That’s
our sincere commitment to you, our guests.
From our Family to Yours – Salute!