Kid’s Menu

Ravioli Dinner                                             

                                                Half order of Ravioli. Your choice of Meat or Cheese

Mostaccioli Dinner                                      

                                                Half order of Mostaccioli. Inludes Meatbal

Spaghetti Dinner                                   

                                                Half order of Spaghetti. Includes a Meatball

(Meat, Mushroom, or Sausage Sauce Extra)

Childs Chicken Dinner                           

                                                Two Fried Chicken Legs, French Fries, and Applesauce

Childs Hamburger                                  

                                                Hamburger, French Fries, and Applesauce (Cheeseburgers also available)

Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich                

                                                Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich, French Fries, and Applesauce

Soup of the Day                                    

                                                Cup of Homemade Soup

Glass of Milk                                               

                                                Chocolate Avialable upon Request

Ice Cream Sundae                                   

                                                Dish of Vanilla Ice Cream with Chocolate Syrup